Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Guerilla Poets' Insurgency Open Mic, 11/11/2014, Bossa, Washington D.C.

On last-minute notice, I provided some alternative entertainment as the Featured Poet here last night. Despite the fact that I (and the other poets) were competing with Bruce Springsteen and Metallica, we eventually drew an audience of two non-poets and five poets. 

I did two 10-minute sets, interspersed with a couple of mini-readings. I'll do my best to remember them: 

First Mini-Reading 
1. "Air" (from Ignore This Book: Songs of Discomfort
2. Goals (English only) 

First Ten-minute Set
1. Classified 1 (from Leaf Garden Issue 7
2. Classified 3 (from Classifieds
3. The Leopard Slug 
4. The Herd 
5. Addy 
6. Dream? (from The Round-up Writer's Zine Pride Edition
7. Seven Short Poems (from The Leopard Slug

Second Ten-Minute Set 
1. Unpublished translation
2. Reflection on Vincent Van Gogh's The Potato Eaters (from North Chicago Review Issue 1) 
3. Reflection on Salvador Dali's The Face of War (from Counterexample Poetics
4. Casual Friday (from Counterexample Poetics) 
5. Trivium #1 (from CP) 
6. Trivium #2 (from CP) 
7. Trivium #3 (from CP) 
8. Trivium #4 (from CP) 
9. nights 

Second Mini-Reading 
1. Classifieds (remix) 
2. Unpublished translation

(more pics coming) 

Final result: I sold three books, which was enough to cover my dinner and Coca-Cola. And people claim poetry isn't practical!

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