Thursday, November 13, 2014

Busboys and Poets Open Mic, 5th and K, Washington D.C., 11/12/2014

Last night I met Israfel Sivad of Ursprung Collective at Busboys and Poets on 5th and K, to talk about a new literary journal we're putting together called Dupont Review. Afterwards we decided to stay for the open mic. It was a very lively crowd, the room was packed and there were plenty of poets for the night.

I went on towards the end; our limit was two poems per poet, and I performed the following:
  1. Untitled (from Rabbit Ears: Poems about Television, NYQ Books 2015)
  2. Song for the Disowned (unpublished)
I was pleasantly surprised by the reactions I got from both poems. The crowd erupted in laughter at "Untitled" and seemed very touched by "Song for the Disowned".

At the end I traded a book for a CD by Christen B., the feature. Her voice being lovely as it is, I think I'd call that a profit. I think I may make this open mic part of my monthly schedule, along with SoHo and Guerrilla Poets!

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