Sunday, October 5, 2014

Inside the Mind of a Fool

A couple years ago I let the domain name lapse, and someone picked it up and tried to sell it back to me. This did not deter me in my already-existing plan to drop off the face of the planet.

As I started to slowly crawl back onto it, I noticed that whoever bought the domain had gotten sick of paying for a defunct press's domain, and it was now available. So I decided I would snatch it up.

But then the most horrible, tragic thing happened. Namecheap informed me that the domain was also available. And almost as bad, it was $60.

So I bought both. I, whose day job (which is not related to poetry or publishing) didn't have an office until Friday, spent $70 on two domain names. Why? Because if I didn't buy, the wrong person might own it and make me look bad. Vanity of vanities!

It is a pretty cool domain name, though.

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